Word Press Website: Discovery 360

WordPress today owns more than 24% of the web world and the figure keeps on rising every single day. Whether its blogs or complex portals, applications or enterprise websites, all can be built and run on WordPress and this has made it a powerful platform for businesses to grow and flourish.

WordPress= Simplicity + Flexibility + Ease of Usage

The actual functionality of the WordPress is unknown and limitless and literally more than a thousand of functions can be extended if you have experts of Disovery360 with you. The beauty of WordPress lies in its versatility. Some of the best features that you will love about WordPress are mentioned:

WordPress makes it possible to publish things quickly and nothing can get in your way to make your website up!

With WordPress, you can create almost all sorts of websites of any domain and even an entire network of websites. Beautiful themes, extended functionality, ease of usage and time saving, this is what WordPress will give you.

Publish with Ease:
Create content, pages and post! You can insert media, videos, images, and with a single click they are live on web.

Publishing Tools:
You can efficiently manage your content, create drafts, and look post revision looks with accuracy with WordPress. You can even secure and save posts, edit privacy within your account.

User Management:
Multi level access to your website can be acquired easily with WordPress. Administrators can proficiently manage, edit content and contribute as per their wish. You can create a community or become a part of one!

Media Management:
The drag and drop media uploader of WordPress is a great tool to add volume to your content. Text, caption, images, videos etc. are some of the things you can have fun with.

Full Standards Compliance:
Every single element of WordPress code follows the protocols set by W3C which means not only it complies with standards but also compatible with latest browsers, next generation browsers and thus future oriented.

Extend with Our Modules:
Our WordPress development services come with a plethora of features like adding complex galleries, social networking, social media widgets, spam protection, fine tune controlling, blogs management etc. Why not give us a try?

Built-in Comments:
Get an insight to the thoughts and get engage with your followers and friends with the built in comment tool. Become a forum of discussion with your clients.

Search Engine Optimized:
The platform comes optimized out of the box and thus has the potential to show your website in top searches of popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google and others.

Multilingual and Importers:
WordPress supports multiple languages and if you want some other language then English, then our packages can do it for you. You can also import your blogs and content via WordPress importer that too easily.

Own Your Data:
Hosted services might come and go and no one would love to take a chance of getting all their data disappeared. WordPress eliminates such fears and owns you all of your data.