How will Google Post impact on SEO

How will Google Post impact on SEO

Google has been testing a new content platform and it could have an enormous impact on brand searches, for both paid and organic.

We all understand that Google has had its challenges with attempting to develop its own social network; Google Buzz is dead, and Google Plus appears to be on its way out. This new platform seems to have some social components to it, though it’s very different from a social network.

On the official website for this platform, Google says the following:

We ’re experimenting with a brand new way for users to hear directly from select things they’re hunting for on Google.

Verified individuals and organizations can now communicate with pictures, text and videos on Google. Creating content is easy and fast, and released, posts will appear immediately in search results linked to the publisher. Each post may also be shared on social networks that were popular.

So it appears the aim for this platform would be to provide real-time updates from organizations and individuals when someone performs an immediate brand search. Google was already doing this real-time upgrade by having a tweet feed and official Twitter profiles appearing for searches for things.

This podium feature is still experimental, and it’s “invite just.” But if Google opens this up to more individuals and brands, it’ll have a significant impact.

The Google Posts content comprises videos, pictures and links and is quite notable as you can see in the Tory Burch content carousel above. This type of result can steal clicks from organic results and both paid advertisements.

As the links within your posts can direct users to your website, which can save you budget on the paid search side, nevertheless, this isn’t always a bad thing.

From a conversion point of view, this platform allows you to post real time updates, for example sales or promotions, which can help increase conversions on your own site. This can additionally help divert users from negative effects that could be present on page one of your branded search results.

It’d be fascinating if Google supplied reporting metrics for this result type, including organic impressions and clicks in the Search Analytics Report via Search Games Console (as they currently do for web pages).

At this point, we must wait and see what Google decides to do. There is now a waitlist to use this system, and I ‘d highly recommend signing up if you’re representing a brand or company. See the signup page here.

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