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I already have a business. Why should I consider building an eCommerce website?

Online shopping is big business, and most consumers have come to expect an online ordering function from even the smallest companies. Even if people sometimes prefer to shop in the a brick and mortar environment, they still use the Internet to find product information and compare prices before purchasing. Don’t lose any customers to a competitor that is already established online—create your online presence and build an eCommerce website with 360 today!


Why should I choose 360 over a provider that offers a free eCommerce website builder?

That’s a good question. Free eCommerce website builders certainly win on cost, but what they lack, 360 has in abundance—and for an affordable price, too. Most free eCommerce website providers will help you create an online store, however, it will be limited in scope for both you and your customers. With 360, you can build an online store powered by invaluable features that make your store stand out from the crowd, both visually and in terms of user experience and service. Our four eCommerce website packages go beyond the basics. They take care of a range of tricky to-dos that all online entrepreneurs have to face. From 24/7 support and design, to payment and shipping methods and SEO, our packages offer a host of benefits that you simply can’t find with a free eCommerce website builder.

We understand the importance of value for the money when it comes to our customers. That’s why we not only make our eCommerce solutions available at a fair price, we also offer a 30-day free trial so you can see the value for yourself before you sign up.

In a nutshell, what are the different eCommerce website options offered by 360?

We offer four great packages for building an eCommerce website, which include:

Online Store Starter – An easy way to enter the world of online eCommerce. This package gives you access to our 24/7 hotline for technical support, and sets you up with a powerful, yet easy to manage, eCommerce website—perfect for beginners. It also comes with built-in software ideal for running an online store, and offers unlimited traffic. In addition, you can offer up to 100 products.

Online Store Basic – The basic package lets you list up to 1,000 products, and also gives you access to the 360 SEO Cockpit feature. This optimizes your eCommerce website’s visibility among popular search engines, which means it’s much easier for people to find your store and products online.

Online Store Plus – Choosing this package means you can list 10,000 products on your site, and choose from up to 30 different shipping methods. Other features of the Plus package include the option to connect your store with Facebook, and to enhance your product listings with images and text.

Online Store Unlimited – As the name suggests, this package affords your eCommerce website a number of unlimited features, such as unlimited product listings, shipping methods and currencies. With a comprehensive set of software tools, and great benefits for your customers—like giving them the ability to create their own online discounts—it’s no wonder that this package is our best eCommerce solution.

What measures does 360 take to make my eCommerce website secure?

eCommerce websites built with 360 are safe and sound thanks to our first class SSL security that guards the information on your site. The SSL certificate is one of our most popular products—the clever and powerful 256 bit encryption affords your eCommerce website one of the safest and most reliable forms of security in the virtual world. Keep out criminals, and keep customers happy, with the .

Our SSL certificates bring more to your online eCommerce presence than a reassuring sense of security, they also improve the visibility of your website. Google now recognizes websites that reach a certain level of online safety, and moves them higher up its search results so users can find them more easily. Make your eCommerce website safer and more visible today by taking advantage of the 360 SSL certificate.

I want to create a professional eCommerce website. Does the 360 eCommerce website builder give me everything I need to get started?

360 is happy to help customers of all levels—from novices to experts—in setting up an eCommerce website that meets expectations. Simply select from our four different eCommerce solutions. Each one affords you varying levels of customization and control. We want to ensure that your customers are always happy with their experience when using your store, which is why all of our packages come with a range of user-friendly tools that enable you to run a seamless online business. Take our customizable design templates. These consist of expertly pre-designed templates that are perfect for people who have little to no programming skills. We recognize that everyone prefers their eCommerce website to be unique, so these templates can be customized according to your preferences.

Does 360 provide my eCommerce website with payment and shipping solutions, too?

Absolutely! Our eCommerce website builder opens up your business to the world, with popular payment and delivery options perfectly suited for local and international customers.

The demands from customers for speed and convenience are growing every day. We want to help you go beyond their expectations, that’s why your 360 eCommerce website is programmed to be fully functional with a variety of online payment options. In addition, you can predefine up to 15 different language and currency settings, meaning your website is ready to be international from the word go.

It’s also easy for you to seamlessly integrate a number of shipping and logistics partners with your eCommerce website. Go to your store settings and choose the shipping service you’d like to work with for your products. In just one click you’re set to start dispatching items! From postal cost calculations to tracking, we give you the means to offer your customers a first rate experience.

I want to let my customers personalize and customize my products. Does 360 offer design functionality with the eCommerce website builder?

Yes. We’re not only dedicated to helping you build the eCommerce website of your dreams, we also want to ensure your customers feel just as satisfied with their experience. That’s why there are lots of interactive add-ons for you in our eCommerce website design tool, which are mainly intended for the benefit of your customers. Like the product customization feature that enables your customers to indulge their creative side by personalizing or customizing products such as hats, t-shirts and mugs, as well as other gift items and merchandise.

After a customer personalizes their chosen product, an automatic email is sent to you informing you of the customer’s choice. That means you can get the process started right away and fulfill your customers’ wishes as soon as possible. The option to personalize and customize products enriches your customers’ retail experience with your eCommerce website – this is a simple but effective way of making sure customers return to your online shop time and time again.

We make all the tools necessary to create such a great eCommerce website user-experience readily available for you. As soon as your first personalized order comes in, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create variants for sizes, colors, flavors and much more.

What is SEO, and is it important when I create an online store?

SEO can be vital to the success of an eCommerce website. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you adopt an SEO strategy you improve the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This can make the difference between a customer finding your website or that of a competitor.

Once I create an eCommerce website, can 360 offer SEO support and other tools and advice to help get customers to find it?

Definitely! We offer you much more than eCommerce website packages and affordable hosting options. We provide a number of different tools, marketing strategies and invaluable advice to help you attract new customers and clients to your eCommerce website:

Win more traffic from Google and other platforms with search engine optimization (SEO)
Three of our eCommerce website builder packages give you access to a comprehensive toolbox we call the SEO Cockpit. It is straightforward enough for a total beginner to pick up and use immediately, yet extensive enough for those with more advanced SEO knowledge to enjoy. The SEO Cockpit from 360 enables you to perfectly optimize your eCommerce website presence for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In addition, our SEO Dashboard function gives you a quick, easy to access overview of any changes you need to make in order to improve your visibility and positioning in search engine results pages.

Market your eCommerce website products with widely used online marketplaces
Our eCommerce solutions go beyond simply helping you build an online store—we also help you to actively market your goods to millions of potential customers all over the world on some of the biggest online marketplaces. Our packages give you the option of building a cross- multi-channel sales platform through co-operations with Amazon and eBay—creating a significant rise in potential customers for your products.

Harness the power of advertising
Advertising can be highly useful for your eCommerce website development and growth. When you use the 360 eCommerce website builder, you’ll also be able to use Google AdWords, a popular and powerful marketing tool. With Google AdWords you can create keyword-rich ads that stand out in the Google search results pages. This means that potential customers will see your eCommerce website products while they are looking for something else or simply browsing the Internet.

Does 360 offer eCommerce solutions and tools for retaining customers?

Whether it’s a real life store or an eCommerce website, loyal and repeat customers are integral to the success of any business. When you build an eCommerce website with 360, you also receive intelligent customer retention tools and features which are fundamental for turning a one-off customer into a lifelong patron. Achieve this and you’ll be one step closer to making your business sustainable and profitable.

Crafting an enticing eNewsletter marketing strategy is one example of how to put this plan into action. It allows you to let your customers know about special offers and money saving promotions. If you keep tabs on the amount of subscribers your newsletter has you’ll be able to get an idea of the level of interest in your various products and services on your website. In addition, with the 360 Online Store Unlimited package, your customers will have the ability to draft their own online discounts—a highly appealing feature that helps persuade customers to return.

Staying in contact with your customer base and coming up with ways for them to give you input is an essential to part of retaining customers. When you use eCommerce hosting with 360, you’ll be able to set up an email address in line with the personalized domain name of your eCommerce website. This makes for an easy and convenient way for your customers to identify and remember your contact details, as well as get in touch to give site and product feedback. A number of our eCommerce solutions enable you to create unlimited email addresses—a surefire way of ensuring your customers can reach you anytime.

Is a catchy domain name important to the success of my eCommerce website?

Yes, obtaining a catchy and creative domain name with the right top-level domain can really make your eCommerce website memorable and more appealing for potential customers, as well as boost your visibility in the search engines. A top-level domain (TLD) refers to the part of a domain name that appears at the end, such as the generic examples .com, .net, and country-specific ones like .co.uk and .de. In 2013, a variety of new top-level domains were released, which all offer lots of creative potential for new eCommerce website names. And the best part? 360 has lots of new top-level domains for you to choose from such as .shop, .men, .ski. It all depends on what you want to sell.

I tried to build a website with another provider but the service was unreliable. Can I rely on the eCommerce web hosting from 360 to keep my site online?

100% yes. We understand that a well-designed eCommerce website is useless if customers can’t access it at all times. 360 goes above and beyond to provide you with rock-solid eCommerce website hosting so that your site and your great products are available to customers around the clock. We rely on two geographically separate servers to virtually eliminate the prospect of downtime, meaning you can rely on us to keep your eCommerce website online.

One of our two servers is always ready to go should the other one experience a rare technical issue, so you can rest assured that you won’t lose a sale because your site is down.

I’m a first-time entrepreneur trying to reduce costs. Can I create an online store with great eCommerce website design and hosting that doesn’t dramatically affect my budget?

360 prides itself on providing affordable eCommerce solutions for anyone who wants to build an online store – no matter their financial capacity. Lots of our eCommerce website builder packages come with special introductory prices to help first-timers or anyone bootstrapping to get off the mark. In addition, our standard monthly charges are more than fair and friendly to the average entrepreneur’s budget. We want your eCommerce website to succeed as much as you do. So by giving you the chance to save money when you first build your online store, we help you find more cash to invest in other vital areas of your business. We do this by including lots of extras in all of our packages, like a domain name, email accounts, marketing solutions, as well as time- and money-saving analysis tools. We also eliminate the need for you to hire an expensive programmer, thanks to our fantastic pre-designed templates.

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