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Every single business now days, even if conducted by a single employee, requires a website, seriously! A company that doesn’t has a website is leaving ample of opportunities and serious money on the table. An attractive and instructive web presence can drive a slew of interested clients and potential customers towards your business. Choosing right web hosting services is one of the most crucial step while setting up a website.

Though numerous services, claiming to be the best in the market are available and you will be spoilt for the choices when it comes to web hosting, the process is quiet simple. You need to find services that are affordable and know your preferences while understanding your business. Though all web hosting services help to store your files on their servers, they all are different, offering variedly different monthly transfers, different storage capacity, email and other features. In fact, most of them have different payment methods.



Web Hosting Services by Discovery 360

Discovery 360 provides unique web hosting solutions for clients from different business domain and different sizes. We take into account the share hosting plans, hosting plans, business size, future aspects and more before devising you some web hosting solution for yourself. Keep your website on track and eliminate the chances of blank outs and server errors by choosing us. Our comprehensive and dedicated web hosting services are recognized as reliable and tremendous for small to large sized businesses. You can choose cost effective plans with us or consult us while choosing, if you are now aware of market place, or size you will need.
Be confident of Quality when you come to Discovery 360!



We have resources, and process on place to level up your business. Get entry process, I/O, CPU, Memory and other resources you might need for your business and you stay on top just with a single click.




Even on servers and web hosting platforms, you are prone to attacks and damage to your website and that’s why we bring security to all your resources and vital information 24/7. We suspend any thwart activity, DDoS attacks and monitor such threats.




Get customer support for your business dynamic needs and feel free to reach us anytime. We have plans that are cost effective and require you to shed a few buck to support your entire website running processes.




Even if you wish to expand or shrink the sever space at some point of time in future, we have ample scope for the same. Just let us know for once and we will do it for you.



Choose you Web Hosting Type from our Pool

We offer our clients with:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
  • Free Hosting
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