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Videography Services Singapore

We, at Discover 360 provide the videography services for all the commercial events. If you have a conference lined up or a meeting which needs to be recorded, then you can get in touch with us today and we will ensure to provide you the best videography for all kinds of commercial events.  As all the commercial events are necessary to be recorded in the right manner, thus we ensure that we don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing the quality services.

We have some of the best professionals working with us who hold great experiences in the same field, thus they know all the aspects to get the best outcome while covering an event. We also provide the services for covering wedding functions as well. You can get in touch with us today to get the best services.

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Maternity Photography

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Our Videographers

Photographer Singapore

JoehaniProfessional Photographer
His talent is constantly in telling visual narratives, which came in handy when shooting at weddings in natural and candid fashion. After living 10 years of recording marriages, he has a great concept of what makes a good wedding photo.


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Michael RingorProfessional Photographer
His talent and flexibility comes in handy when shooting at weddings in natural and candid fashion.

Being main photographer in many events, his portfolio consist of visually compelling images. Being in photography profession for more than 4 years, his greatest delight is producing attractive visuals at industry standard.


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Professional Videography Services- A Journey to Memory Lane

We all know that photography is very common and popular for all sorts of occasions. But, the videography part is the best. This takes you on a journey in your memory lane that you will cherish for long. When you are hiring a professional videographer, he will capture every detail of the occasion and make it a movie. The photos are not enough for all the memories to preserve. If you want to cherish all the lovely moments, then videography is the best choice. It records all the necessary details of the special occasion like your wedding, corporate events, birthday, product launching show and much more.

What role did the Professional Videographer play?

The expert videographer always makes an excellent masterpiece of his work. We all know that wedding or any type of event that is celebrated on these days hire a professional videographer. It is one of the most important parts of the occasion. The people spend some time to search the professional who excels in this field of videography. However, the concept of videography started in the year 1980.

However, due to the advancement of tools and techniques, new and unique type of videography concepts has come into existence. For the right video production, the expert should use expensive equipment and tools. Proper lighting and use of props are also important to take the best videos on the occasions, mainly in the wedding and event shows. With the knowledge of excellent training, the Video Production has improved a lot and experts offering Videography Services Singapore, for example, give the ultimate videos that you will cherish for years.

Where videography is used

The videography is the best way to store all the memories in the form of the movies. The Professional Videographeris hired for various occasions. Here is the list of events where video photography is used-

  1. Wedding– it is one of the popular events where the couples want to preserve the memories and incidents in the form of the video. The Professional Videographer captures each moment. In the videos, candid moments are captured.
  2. Product launch– here, in this event, videography plays an important part. In such events, the models to launch the products like gadgets or cosmetics. The details of the product are shown in the entire video.
  3. Interview and discussion– here, in this event, the videography plays an important role. The professional do capture each of the moment in the video so that the audience can watch I later.
  4. Award shows– Here, the videographer hiring is necessary. The audience always prefers to watch the award show later who cannot watch it live.

For a Professional Videographer, it is very important that he knows all the aspects of videography along with the right use of lighting and props. If you are thinking how to choose an expert offering Videography Services Singapore, can check online or take references from friends and relatives. You can read the testimonials from the websites so that you get an idea of his work.

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