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Fancy setting up your own forum?


  • Imagine optimizing your forum with the fastest load times
  • Unlimited threads and users
  • Advanced spam blocking
  • No servers, software or coding to worry about…
  • Highly customization to suit your needs

There are many viable and sustainable forum software in the market, such as bbPress(by hosted in WordPress), Beehive Forum, Discuz!, vBulletin, Vanilla Forums, XenForo, and many more. One of the worldleader in Forum and community publishing software is vBulletin.

This Forum Software has something splendid to Offer. To name few: Bodybuilding, Zynga, EA Sports , Sony,Steam Houstan Texas , Nasa and More areacquaintances ofVbulletin. Let’s get deeper into Pros and Cons . It was Launched in 2000by Jelsoft Enterprises And from then it had gained Reputation and Trust From Commercial,Businessand Personal Representative.


Robust and Diversify

While Vbulletin is the main Forum Software at the time writing this Article, it’s also the leader in Development of Plugins and Add-ons .Therefore, A lot of Styles, Themes and Mods are available for Different Purposes Similar to WordPress.


Excellent control

Lots of function and customization, useful moderation features to control members. Variety of forum features available, developed by community around the world.


Best Forum Features

Vbulletin Was the Forum Back then. It was in the spot light, actually dominating the Forum and Community industry with 3.8 Version.


Latest software version

The current version in market (at time of writing) is ‎5.1.9. However, in terms of features and speed, we recommend using an older and more stable version of forum.


Robust and diversified


For more modern and mobile friendly layout, we recommend using vBulletin version 3.8 (stable version at 3.8.7 at this point of writing) or vBulletin 4. Before you wonder why we recommend older version of VBulletin, let me clarify this. vBulletin developer has announced that they would stop upgrading on VBulletin 4. However, both vBulletin version 3 and 4 has an extensive plugins ready to be deployed. If you want to have extensive features, these are the ones you are looking at.


  • fxp.co.il
  • Gamerzplanet.net
  • Offtopic.com
  • Something Awful
  • Forocoches
  • PBNation
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • Fan Forum
  • SkyscraperCity
  • Two Plus Two
  • NeoGAF
  • VN-Zoom


User Friendly, but Not For Newbies

As mention earlier, Vbulletin is a Robust and diversified Forum yet it comes with customization and set ups that are too advanced for the not so experienced users. In Vbulletin admin panel or Back office, there are plenty of functions, buttons and settings to take care of. You need experts to set up before your Forum can go live. Sometimes, you might need a few tweaks here and there to make the forum suited to your liking. If you were to do it yourself, when your first Vbulletin Forum goes live, you will somehow come across a number of errors and slowness, error messages all over the place and missing integral functions from previous versions. Much like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, you need training to navigate the system well.


What we offer

That is what we are here for. We provide our services in deploying and customising vBulletin forum for you. Save the headache of trying to make it work, we set up for you in timely fashion. Rest assured that your requirement will be duly fulfilled.


Super Easy to use

Forum was designed to be user-friendly. It’s easy to set up your forum in minutes. No technical knowledge required.


Fully Customizable Forum

Match the look and feel of your site with your own domain name, logo, colors, style and layout.


No Software to Install

Forum is a cloud-based app, which means we take care of all the software upgrades for you.


Facebook-Style Chat

Your users can chat and instant message each other with a built-in chat room, complete with user profiles.


Simple Media Sharing

Whether it’s a baby photo, a PDF mockup, or a new marketing video, sharing files couldn’t be simpler.


Seamless Website Integration

Select your own layout, colors, theme and domain name to integrate seamlessly with your current website.


Deep Social Integration

Forum makes it easy to share on all major social platforms, and you can even log in with Facebook.


Spam Proof

With active bot blocking and advanced filtering, Forum deals with SPAM behind the scenes so you don’t have to.


ActiveBoard API

Developers can access the forum API for deep integration into existing platforms and login systems.


Alternative to vBulletin

Want to have other forum software? Of course, other forum software can be deployed on request. Notable mentions includes bbPress (by hosted in WordPress), Beehive Forum, Discuz!, vBulletin, Vanilla Forums, XenForo, etc.

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