Solar Films Singapore

If you are seeking the best technology, functionality and outstanding clarity with a premium look Solar Flims, than our Solar Film is just for you. Our Solar Flims comes with a proprietary, multi-layer optical Flim (MOF) technology that unites over 200 layers in a Flim that’s thinner than a Postit® Notice. This original technology is the cause without altering your vehicle ‘s look, a clear flim can reject more heat than darker flim.


These industry-leading, spectrally-selective Flims are made to keep you cozy, cool and protected.

To comply with the auto tint law of local transportation authority, our Solar Flims enable up to 90% of the light in your car or truck. Because these flims are non-metallized, you will be guaranteed of zero interference with GPS or mobile phone signs, and no nasty cut out at your in-vehicle unit.

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