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    6 Full Day Course
    Time : 9.30am to 5.30pm

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    12 Half Day Course
    6.30pm to 10.00pm (Twice a week)

Course Objective:

Use of Social Media as a marketing tool has enabled small business to look further and increase their outreach. Customers love to interact with brands through social media network and that’s why strong social media marketing plans have become important and if implemented correctly, they can bring remarkable success to the businesses.

What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM or Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that uses vivid social media networks to achieve effective marketing communication as well as branding goals. At Discovery 360, we are prone to provide quality social media marketing tips as well as training in order to enable our clients with effective and in budget marketing ideas.

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses: Learn Social Media Marketing 101

The training guide for SMM gives the aspirant a clear and concise view on how to make use of social media as a marketing tool via dummies manual. This training also teaches how to reap the benefits of social media for business purpose.

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Social Media and Marketing: Start With a Plan


Before initiating any social media campaign, it is apparent to know your business goals. Starting off a campaign without any strategy will only lead to wander through the process and ending up lost. Creating a SMM plan after you have brainstormed you goals answers the questions like:

  • Who are you hoping to acquire via social media marketing
  • Who is your target audience
  • How your target media uses social media
  • What message you want to send out to your audience
  • What are your goals with this social media marketin


Social Media for Marketing: Developing Your Goals

Effective social media marketing can help to attain:

  • Website traffic
  • Higher conversion
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Positive brand identity and association
  • Communication and sound interaction

Best Social Media Marketing Tips: Learn Marketing with Social Media

Here are some social media marketing tips to keep you on the right track across all your social media campaigns.

  • Planning: Planning ahead of building a campaign is crucial and you need to put in ample of time to brainstorm and consider keyword research
  • Content is the King: Content is the ruler for Google and the users both and that’s why when it comes to Social Media marketing, you can not underestimate the power of SMM. Create vibrant and viral content to implement on social media, images, videos and others.
  • Consistent Brand Image: Using social media as a tool for marketing enables to project your brand image in a positive light. You will be having your own distinctive environment to highlight your business values.
  • Blogs and Links: Blogging and creating link web are great tool that not only lets you share information and connect to reader but also create links with outside articles as well. This is a valuable approach to target your audience and increases their trust, reliability and enhanced brand identity.
  • Track competitors: In order to keep tabs on your competitors and rival brands, your social media campaigns can help you and provide you with valuable data on how to create industry links. You can also know certain social media marketing techniques that have worked earlier for them.
  • Analytics Understanding: Without data analysis and tracking, none of the campaigns is useful. Google Analytics can be used a great social media marketing tool and determine what practices must be adopted and what should be abandoned!

How to Use Social Media for Marketing: Know Your Platform


Here is a detailed overview on how different social media profiles can be used for marketing. Each of these platforms is unique and has a different platform to conduct. Different social media sites necessarily need different techniques that are tailored to cater to the requirements and understanding of crowd of each of these platforms.


Facebook is a casual and user friendly environment that requires active and viral social media marketing strategy. One can start with creating a Facebook Business Fan Page and lay emphasis on layout and the presentation of visual content as it is the key to better Facebook experience. You can post about industry related news, articles, images and videos etc. over this page. Keep your approach relaxed, light and friendly.


Google Plus is a strong competitor for Facebook as both the platforms promote causal and same fun atmosphere. Just like Facebook, you can post photos, videos, link, and news and get +1 in return of each view. The platform also has privacy feature in the form of circles which allows you to showcase certain information to particular group of people while disabling others.


Pinterest is latest social media fad trend that has emerged as a centralized platform to share images and links only. You can easily showcase your own product offering and develop a brand of your own pin boards.


Twitter is another social media marketing tool that broadcasts your updates, news, products, and offering. These broadcasts can get shared and re-tweeted and thus creating a cycle of promotions. When a customer says something good for you then you can retweet and answer the customer’s questions whenever possible.


The most professional and powerful social media marketing platform, LinkedIn has been creating values for small to large sized business and working professional both. LinkedIn is a place to share the images, news, launches and services related content with likeminded people. You can encourage your customers and clients to give your business or services a recommendation to appear more reliable and credible.


There is no comparison to Youtube for video marketing and this incredibly powerful social media platform can make any business or even a single message go viral. The videos are sharable on other social networks and video content itself is crucial for better SEO and ranks.

Location-Based Social Media Tools

Social media platforms that are based on your location like Yelp, FourSquare etc are great tool for the offline businesses that are keen to make their businesses popular without creating a website or highly active social media campaigns. You just need to register on these websites and claim your location, spot and other details and they will aid your users to know and find you.



Reddit and other social bookmarking platforms like Digg, Stumble Upon etc are ideal way to share compelling content. Such platforms host millions of views each month and have come up as an incredible social media marketing source that offer informative, unique, interesting content. If you have a Reditt company of including internet savvy, geeky and highly aware young generation then you are going to reap tremendous benefits.

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