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IMM Self Storage Space Rental Singapore

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ISS Self Storage – NEW OPENING!!


About ISS Self Storage

Self Storage Rental is the region’s dominant operator in self storage solutions. Founded in 2015, our first facility in Singapore altered the way people work and live, by providing professionally managed services, state-of-the-art protection, and round-the-clock accessibility for customers to live bigger and better lives.

Self Storage Rental expands your living space by safekeeping your belongings while you love more space to live better. With a wide variety of storage solutions and adaptable strategies to choose from, you decide for yourself the lifestyle you want.


*Terms & Conditions: Must be at least 2 months rental

Why ISS Self Storage?

Living space fast becomes a luxury that deserves to be optimised, not wasted on keeping things that clutter your living area, as homes get smaller and property costs increase. Outgrown your living space? Why not consider de-cluttering your home to transform it into a lovely house once again?


Instead of renting or purchasing more office or store space for your growing company, self-stowing your stock, equipment or records is more cost effective. Whether you should upgrade or downsize your storage space later on, we’re adaptable to suit to your company needs.


Good wine deserves great owners. Store your precious wine collection in optimum conditions with your own walk-in accessibility and basement your wine anytime of the day, any day of the week. You may also open a couple of bottles and relax with your friends free of charge in one of our exclusive wine tasting rooms. How does cheese and wine taste?


Your Private Space with:

Our Location

2 Jurong East Street 21 #04-73 IMM Building Singapore 609601

Tel: 65631683

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IMM Storage Space Rental

Direction To Office:

  1. Take Lift Lobby at Open Car Park After IMM Taxi Stand.
  2. At Level 4 take the 2nd Right Turn to unit #04-73.