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The concept behind Search Engine Marketing is quite simple:



Whenever a customer initiates a search on the search engines be it Yahoo, Google, Bing, or any other local search engine of their own country, they are looking for information, knowledge or taking an insight to some services that are directly or indirectly related to commerce. This is a strong indicator that the browser can be in the middle, beginning or end phases of buying cycle. More than often, when such browsers discover a product or services, they are researching to satisfy their future or immediate needs and seek to get desired and relevant information. It is also been noticed that an average user is averse to absorb and act upon a piece of information the way they get it through their preferred search engine.

No matter whether the traffic comes via paid search lists or is driven organically, through the efforts of SEO, the search engines are the best and most effective source to target your online audience and invite them to know about your product and services.

It is a misconception that search engines display the results on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page are purely based upon the text that has been incorporated on the website but the truth is that it is a mix of text, images, videos, audio or other file formats. In fact, in several countries like United States, search engines not only account for Google, Yahoo, Bing or similar others. They include commerce sites such as Amazon, e-Bay, it might be via LinkedIn, Other online business directories, local search engines, Internet Yellow pages and others. Moreover, many countries have launched their own local search engines to cater to the needs of their country’s population and demands and thus, new forms of search algorithms and processes are being created every now and then.

Some of the advanced forms of searches are voice search, searching within app, mobile phone search etc. All search engines use different algorithms to provide the browsers with accurate search results. Not only keywords are important but searcher’s locations, device, past search behavior, identity and other factors. Businesses should now understand and take advantage of organic as well as paid traffic so that business goals are achieve.

Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways to enhance your business in an increasingly cut throat marketplace. With billions of businesses coming out each and every day, it has become crucial to advertise your brand online on various channels and to accomplish the same, Search engine marketing has evolved to become a great tool.

It refers to marketing your business online via paid advertisements that will appear on the result pages of search engines. The advertisers have to bid for the top notched keywords that a user might use make searches on Bing, Google etc and enter the words. The ads will then appear on the top of search result pages. The ads, often known as Pay per Click or PPC ads come is a wide array of formats. Some might be short, some are text based, some are all about product listing while some might provide a glance to services and prices or reviews.

The strength of SEM lies in the fact that it offers an opportunity for the advertisers to put up their content right in front of the customers, and offers them products of services that they need and make a decision for purchase whether they want it or not. Since, it is all a play of keywords, the customers has the intention to buy or know it. This makes search engine a valuable and outstanding growth tool to expand the business.

How can Search Engine Marketing (SEM) help my business?


Traditional business owners used to advertise their services via channels like newspapers, magazines, TV, bus stop and other similar places. It was not only costlier but also had very low conversion rate. The outreach of the content was very limited and the major audience of such advertisements was non interested audience groups.
Unlike the traditional methods, the SEM allows you to focus on the target customers only that are looking for the services and products you cater. Your website will be redirected to those who are looking for phrases that are relevant to your business and services. The best part about the same is you pay only when a customer visits your website. Besides this, SEM also allows you to grab a place above and apart your competitors, giving an extra added advantage over them.

Note: You can use Google Keywords Planner Tool to check what your potential customers are searching for.


Advantages of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)



Non Intrusive Marketing

Search engine marketing is like tapping on to the shoulders of your customer’s right the moment when he is looking for solutions or seeking a service or product that you deal in. In no ways you are interrupting with their activities or interests and thus, higher chances of generating revenues.


Targeted audience

Instead of delivering your material to anyone and everyone, you are rather centered around your customers and target audience.


Quick results

The moment you purchase and bid for a keyword, the chances of being displayed on the top ranks are amplified to manifolds. You can see your website on the top rank on the same day and connect with the potential customers immediately.


Cost effective

With Pay per click system, you get to play only when a visitor visits your site and thus no more shedding your bucks on unnecessary and unwanted elements where the chances of sales are very slim.


Free exposure

You get an exposure to the clients located round the world. You need not to pay extra bucks to reach your customers round the earth and pay nothing when they don’t click your advertisement.


Your Advertisement is shown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


As long as one is connected to the internet, they are shown up to the worldworld 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to advertise locally and globally too!

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