How to prevent Google penalize outbound link

How to prevent Google penalize outbound link

Most people are mindful of link punishments that happen if you’ve got low-quality junk or links pointing to your website. But are you aware it is possible to additionally be penalized by Google for you link from your website to other sites?

You certainly can. It’s called abnormal outbound links punishment that is similar to the inbound link punishment, it can be used partly or sitewide.

This content overoptimized anchor text and featured a high volume of links.

Our recommendations were blown off and not found as high-priority, despite our attempts to communicate the severity of this problem. Subsequently Google released the Penguin 4 realtime upgrade. Shortly after, our customer’s website was flagged for a punishment that was manual.

Here are a few suggestions to assist you to prevent an outbound link punishment

-Prevent linking to low-quality and junk sites.
-Nofollow links in user-created content by default, or only don’t let them.
-Don’t permit any links within client post content that’s printed in your website, unless the links have been reviewed and approved by someone on your own staff.
-Don’t link to websites that are providing some sort of damages to you for doing so, like cash, goods for reciprocal links or services.
-Train your website’s content supervisors to take note of who and what they may be linking to. Link Scheme resource page by reference Google.

You should take these measures to ease a resolution if you’ve received an outbound linking punishment

-Identify the links in your website that are pointing to outside sites.
-Audit these links to identify those that don’t match with Google’s guidelines.

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