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We Will Write & Distribute your story to a brand portfolio of 350+ premium broadcast news sites like, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.


Grab Huge Authority for your site and Massive Exposure from hundreds of news, tv, radi0 & vertical news sites! Your press release will be potentially read by thousands of people, giving your website a Huge Boost of Traffic.

Sample distribution result provided by customer (result varies between distributions).

What Else Will You Get From Discovery 360
Premium Press Release Distribution?

This is A Massive Branding Tool That Gives You
Off-The-Chart Reputation Control. Take Advantage!


Here are some of the places your press release will be featured on:

With this powerful channel, you can:


  • Broadcast a press release about your business, even if you have no newsworthy topic, we will figure out for you, for your approval.
  • Seed contents into search engines that speaks for your business, projects, product names or keywords that have little information when searched.
  • Control reputation by fixing information of your choice into search results, published on premium CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, NBC sites and more. Which is a game changer!
  • Add information about local businesses into search results, populate your main keyword with content of your choice, published on premium news sites!
  • Publish layer and layer of information and news about your business, so when people search, they get your story all the time! It’s dominating!
  • Don’t underestimate how much people will see your release.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do what we say!

We are one of the oldest and best press release distributors on BHW with pages orders and thanks. You are in good hands.

See the testimonials, people buy again and again.

Sold? Now, Here’s How It works:

Discovery 360 Press Release Writing & Distribution


  • Premium press release distribution
  • 3 minutes easy press release order
  • Dedicated direct contact
  • Distribution to 350+ branded news outlets
  • Get featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX

Press Release Distribution – get massive media exposure for your site, brand and name. Improve your reputation. Over 200 powerful media links. Get viral traffic with media exposure. Get your site, brand or name featured at high traffic media publication-real live links! Press Release is a great way to “hijack” google by bypassing regular SEO methods & get rankings on the first page of google for competitive search terms overnight.

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Help improve your site’s rankings
  • Create a bright reputation
  • Make your site available to a wider audience

Frequently Ask Question


How are you able to distribute & write at such a low price?


It’s true that a service like this usually costs upwards of $3000 just for distribution. Because of the volume of PR we now produce, we have volume discounts with the distribution networks. Volume also allows us to produce high quality PR at a very reasonable cost.


Which distribution service(S) do you use?


We have many distribution partners, with Visual MEDIA as our main distribution partner.


What traffic can I expect?


This is impossible for us to say. What we can tell you is your PR will be viewed by thousands of people. From one website alone (from the thousands we syndicate to) every PR we have ever produced is always viewed at least 1000 times within 7 days.


Will my press release reach audiences outside of advertising or branding avenues?


Your press release will be seen by massive amount of eye balls frequenting the news sites. You will be able to reach prospects & audiences not available on other advertising or branding avenues.

  • Huge distribution report with live publication
  • Quick turnaround time of only 3 days


Are your writers really all native english speakers?

Yup. US & UK writers only, all journalistic standard. One is even a former director of a PR company! We’ve tried cheaper foreign writers and although they great for some projects they are not anywhere near good enough when it comes to our premium press release service.


What types of sites is this suitable for?

Any except the usual betting, pharma and adult sites. Even if you have a thin affiliate site, we will create the best quality press release possible. You DO NOT need a newsworthy story, we will create one for you.

I’m still unsure whether my site would work as a press release.
Don’t worry, just call us at 8868 8828 and we can discuss about.


Can I see the draft before distribution?

You get to approve the PR prior to distribution to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the content.


Do I get a report?

Yes, you will get a report showing all the news outlets that are publishing your news. We have tracking in place with our media partners and distribution points.


What is the turnaround time?

This varies depending on volume but usually your PR will be syndicated within 3 days.

I’ve written my own PR. Can I distribute through your service?
You certainly can use our service to distribute your press release. Do call us at 8868 8828 and we will prepare your release for syndication.


Do you take 10+ orders and how do you charge?

Yes, we do accept bulk order. Call us at 8868 8828 and we shall offer our best deal.


What is the refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if we cannot start the PF process. However, there will be no refunds once the draft has been written.

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