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Kazimierz World Wine Bar

//Kazimierz World Wine Bar
Kazimierz World Wine Bar 2017-11-05T06:38:15+00:00

Project Description

Owner Peter Kasperski intended a sofa to complement his nearby restaurant, Cowboy Ciao when the space became available. Named for Kasperksi’s dad, Kazimierz pays homage to him through family photographs, stamp & coin collections, and menu estimates worthy of a curmudgeonly, Schlitz – Chicago stone mason, drinking.

High tables, cosy, dim corners, front row seats and low tables! Plush couches & chairs in winery colours, stone walls dampened by candlelight; wooden wine casks evoke the feel of an European wine cave; subtle lighting. Diverse mix of latin, jazz & world beat plays with pre & post-amusement.


Project Details

Skills Needed: