Photography Services Singapore

Photography Services Singapore

A picture is worth thousand words and a right picture is more than that! Discovery 360 provides a wide array of professional photography services for a multitude of services like illustrations, fine art, life photography, journalism etc. Whether you are individual or corporate, we can complete your requirements, big or small. Discovery 360 houses team of expert professionals and experts that can deliver your requirements with care and quality.

Our broad capabilities and a varied style and range have made us a top notched name for versatile clientele in Singapore and the world. Our dedicated professionals can cater to both commercial and personal clienteles. Moreover, we offer quotes that are competitive and in return offer outstanding value for money.

When you opt for us, you are at the center of every service you had wanted. Using the most advanced equipments, high end DSLP cameras, premium quality lenses and accessories, we capture the moments beautifully with a 360 degree view. Consumers and the audience now a day wants to get the best views right on your website before making a purchase with you. Let them see and analyze, watch, what they are going to wear, see, taste or order. None of our image is less than a screenshot from the real life. Commercial or professional, you images deserve a lot better.

Expert Service Team:
We adopt cutting edge technology and visual design expertise that gives us the flexibility to plan and develop projects efficiently. Our team is concerned about your needs and preferences and takes ample time to listen and understand your requirements. We master the art of translating your wishes into visuals and we also understand that the main objective of our services is to help you with increasing your product and services visibility. We work with our clients to connect and target the market.

Efficient Project Flow
The principal of our business is to take care of our clients and we organize projects with optimal efficiency, meeting the objectives and schedule the expectations as per their priority. We have been setting benchmarks through timely deliverables and all sorts of marketing, advertising and web services under one roof. We aim to provide innovative, time and cost effective solutions through high quality results for all sorts of project designing needs. We accurately represent your values, character, mission and goals, aligning them to your market and field as well.

An All inclusive services
At Discovery 360, we do it all. Perfect images from expert photographers who love to capture and paint the moments, products, services, sites, etc the way your customers would love to see. Whether you are looking for an online photo shoot of your office or a new headshot for yearly brochure, an advertisement or a promotional image, our expert, innovative and creative team will do the wonders for you. Hire us and get the results speak for you!

Book Now, we are hardworking!
Our Photography Studio is located at 218 Changi Road, #03-01 Singapore 419737 just next to Eunos MRT station which will be convenient for everyone. You may also send us an email to vr360sg@gmail.com for further inquiries.

We have some of the best professionals working with us.

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