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Give a rough quote to the customer and tell them to contact us for the final quote. We will talk to them to understand their needs before giving them the final quote.

Let us know that they are referred by you and when the contract is signed and money is collected, your commission will be paid out to you within the next working day.

Website Design

Type of WebsiteType of WebsiteRough Estimate Quote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
WebsiteCorporate Website$1000 to $400050%
CMS Website$1500 to $200050%
WordPress Website$1000 to $200050%
ForumvBulletin Forum$2000 to $600050%
E-commercePrestashop eCommerce$3000 to $600050%
Magento eCommerce$5000 to $1000050%
eCommerce Website$2000 to $500050%
Online Facility Booking System$2000 to $400050%
BlogBlog Design $50050%


Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

CategoryBusiness TypeNumber of KeywordsPrice Quote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Small Business10$400/mth50%
Medium Enterprise20$800/mth50%
Large Enterprise40$1200/mth50%
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)ManagementUnlimited20% of total Ads Placed in Google50%


Training Courses (SEO, Web Design & Social Media)

CategoryTypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Search Engine OptimizationSEO Training Course$150050%
Online Business Course$150050%
Internet Marketing Course$150050%
Web DesignWeb Design Course$1500 for full session50%
Social MediaSocial Media Marketing Course$150050%


Online Marketing

CategoryTypeEstimated Quote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Social MediaInfluencer Marketing$100 - $2000
per Instagram or Facebook post.
Depends on the blogger they choose.
VideoVideo Marketing$100 per video50%
YouTube Video Marketing$100 - 2000 per Instagram or Facebook post. Depends on the blogger they choose.50%
KeywordKeyword Research $40 for a set a 30 Best Keywords to be used for SEO25%
TrafficGet Traffic to Client's Website$100 for 5000 real views and exposure25%
Write-upWrite and post Google Business Reviews$20 per review25%


Email Marketing

Reach out to your existing customer base by sending them promotions via email, or expand your reach by utilizing our high quality database of customer email addresses. We provide lightning fast email sending services with no limit at very low rates.

TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Email Marketing$200/mth50%


Web Server Hosting

TypeRough Estimate Quote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Shared Hosting$50/mth15%
Dedicated Hosting$200/mth25%
Protect Against DDos Attack$400/mth50%
Protect Against DDos Attack + Dedicated Hosting$1500/mth50%
Content Delivery Network (CDN)$100/mth15%


Domain Name Purchase and Management

TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Buy a non-existing domain name$10025%
Buy a domain name that already exist but it is owned by someone else$50 - $51,000,000
Depends on domain value.


Mobile App Development

TypeRough Estimate Quote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Basic Mobile Application$2000-$300050%
Advance Mobile Application$8000 - $10,00050%
Games Application$10,000 - $20,00050%

Graphic Design

CategoryTypeEstimated Quote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Logo, Media Icon, Packaging, Advertisement
Graphic and Design
Logo DesignStarting from $5025%
Name Card DesignStarting from $5025%
IllustrationStarting from $5025%
Product PackagingStarting from $5025%
Banner AdvertisementsStarting from $5025%
Social Media DesignStarting from $5025%
Mobile App Icon DesignStarting from $5025%
Cartoons DrawingStarting from $5025%
Flyers, Poster, eCard, Vector
Graphic and Design
Photoshop EditingStarting from $5025%
Flyers & PostersStarting from $5025%
3D & 2D ModellingStarting from $5025%
eCard & Invitations DesignStarting from $5025%
Book CoversStarting from $5025%
Presentations & InfographicsStarting from $5025%
T-Shirts DesignStarting from $5025%
Vector TracingStarting from $5025%


Professional Photography & Videography

CategoryTypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
PhotographyWedding Photography$150/hr25%
Baby / New Born Photography$150/hr25%
Corporate / Formal Photography$150/hr25%
Events Photography$150/hr25%
Funeral Photography$150/hr25%
VideographyWedding Videography$150/hr25%
Events Videography$150/hr25%
Funeral Videography$150/hr25%


Studio Rental

TypeTimeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Weekday Studio Rental1 hr (minimum 2 hrs)$25/hr25%
Weekend Studio Rental1 hr (minimum 2 hrs)$30/hr25%
Weekday Full Day Rental1 hr (minimum 8 hrs)$15/hr25%
Weekend Full Day Rental1 hr (minimum 8 hrs)$20/hr25%


Website Security

TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Prevent Hacking$400/mth50%
DDos Protection$400/mth50%
Remove Virus from Website$500, 1 time removal50%


Copy Writers – Hire Content Writers

Need unique content for your website? Our professional writers can provide your website with compelling content to draw visitors in.

Starting from $20 per 600 words SEO focused article.

TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Copy WritingStarting from $20 per 600 words 25%
Hire Content Writers (SEO focused article)Starting from $20 per 600 words 25%


Google Display Network

If you’ve tried AdWords Advertising, chances are you’re wasting a lot of money and don’t even know it. Don’t sllive with high costs and low conversion rates! Whatever your needs, our team of AdWords-certified experts can help you achieve your goals an beyond.. all at a minimum budget.

Starting from $500/MTH

TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Google Adwords20% of total ads placed on Google50%



TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
Game Bots (computer, iPhone, Android)$1000, 1 time set up fee50%
Daily Task Bots$1000, 1 time set up fee50%
BlackHat SEOStarting from $500/mth50%
VPN total anonymity$1000, 1 time set up fee50%


360 Video Filming & Photography Service

We offer high quality 360 degree filming services and services to take high resolution photos of landscapes, corporate locations, events, and real estate.

TypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
360 degree Photography $500 per video/location50%
360 degree Videography$800 per video/location50%

Accounting Services

TypeQuoteCommission (of profit)
AGM filingFrom $800/mth20%
Unaudited Financial StatementsFrom $800/mth50%
Taxation ServicesFrom $800/mth50%
Filing for Dormant CompaniesFrom $800/mth50%
Company IncorporationFrom $800/mth50%
Bookkeeping and GST FilingFrom $800/mth50%
PIC Claim ConsultationFrom $800/claim50%
XBRL TranscriptFrom $800/mth50%
Major Exporter Scheme (MES)From $800/mth50%


Instagram, Youtube, Facebook Links Purchase

CategoryTypeQuote (SGD)Commission (of profit)
FacebookREAL Facebook Page Likes$20 Per 1000 (World wide)50%
REAL Facebook Page Likes$20 Per 1000 (Middle East) (Life Time Stable)50%
REAL Facebook Profile Followers$20 Per 1000 (Worldwide)50%
Facebook USA Photo/Post Likes$30 Per 100050%
Facebook USA Photo/Post Likes$40 Per 100050%
Facebook Website Likes$20 Per 100050%
Facebook Post/Photo Likes$20 Per 100050%
Facebook Group Join$20 Per 100050%
Facebook Event Join$40 Per 100050%
Facebook Five Star Reviews$200 Per 100050%
TwitterTwitter Followers (Mixed)$20 per 100050%
Twitter Followers (USA)$20 per 1000 (instant)50%
Twitter Followers (ARAB)$20 per 100050%
Twitter Retweets$20 per 100050%
Twitter Favorites$20 per 100050%
InstagramInstagram Followers (Worldwide) (ACTIVE)$20 Per 100050%
Instagram Followers {Russia) (Non-Active)$20 Per 100050%
Instagram Followers (Russia) (Active)$20 Per 100050%
Instagram Followers (USA)$20 Per 100050%
Instagram Followers (IRAN)$30 Per 100050%
Instagram Followers (TURKEY)$20 Per 100050%
Instagram Followers (ARAB)$20 Per 1000 Instant50%
Instagram Likes$20 Per 1000 (Instant)50%
Instagram Likes (USA)$25 Per 1000 (Instant)50%
Instagram Comments$100 Per 1000 (Mixed of Mention, Hashtag, Emojis) (INSTANT) 50%
Instagram View$20 Per 1000 (Instant)50%
YoutubeYoutube Views$20 Per 100050%
Youtube Views HR $20 Per 100050%
Youtube Subscribers$160 Per 1000 [Max 500, Speed 50-100 Per day]50%
Youtube Likes$50 Per 100050%
Youtube Dislikes$50 Per 100050%
Google PlusGoogle Plus Follower/Circle$50 Per 100050%
Google Plus Follower/Circle (USA/UK)$50 Per 100050%
Google Plus Post Likes$80 Per 100050%
Google Plus Reshares$80 Per 100050%
VineVine Followers$20 Per 100050%
Vine Likes$20 Per 100050%
Vine Reviews$20 Per 100050%
Vine Comments$400 Per 100050%
SoundCloudSoundCloud plays$20 Per 100050%


Golden Hand Phone Numbers

TypeQuoteCommission (of profit)
Golden Hand Phone Numbers. Eg. 8868 8828, 8787 7788 Please WhatsApp me for the full list and price. $6,000-12,00050%


Storage Rental in Singapore

TypesPriceCommission (of profit)
16 sq ft (Locker)
20 sq ft (Walk-in Unit)
30 Sq ft (Walk-in Unit)
50 Sq ft (Walk-in Unit)


Press Release Distribution

CostCommission (of profit)


Video Testimonials

PriceCommission (of profit)
$100 each video50%