Cow Boy Ciao

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Cowboy Ciao opened February 12, 1997, before advice operators quit telling callers we did because they attempted Chow instead of Ciao n’t exist and it was well into 1998. Overly smart for our own good? Perhaps smart isn’t the most suitable choice of word (obstinate is likely a better fit), but really we’ve kept a sense of irreverence this entire time. Cowboy Ciao started as a neighborhood joint with wine-friendly cuisine focused on the American Southwest, Mexico and Italy and an eclectic wine list of 88 choices. It's evolved into a ‘Big City’ eatery featuring a Modern American menu with International sways and Southwest emphases, sporting an internationally-acclaimed wine list hovering around 2000 choices. Zagat Guide), and international (“Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale is a first rate eatery and wine destination”, London Times; “Cowboy Ciao is a don’t miss dining experience”, Der Spiegel). Through it all, our aim has remained simple: thrill each guest every visit with a memorable entertainment experience. Website: cowboyciao.com