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It's that diversity of expertise that's helped to make us the premiere advisory and consulting firm we're now. Since our foundation in 2010, AAG has served customers of every possible size. We’ve supplied similar services on a bigger scale to enormous corporations and consulted for small startup businesses. Abroad and from our offices in America, the members of our specialist team have brought their decades of accomplishments and expertise to bear in every project they’ve done. Under the gifted and committed direction of Managing Director Babak Motamedi, the AAG advisor team has provided innovative solutions for all our customers, helping them to address sophisticated and varied needs. We work with clients from project concept to performance and beyond to ensure that each result fits and exceeds customer expectation. Collectively, the AAG team runs around the world to help customers and businesses with the direction of virtually every facet of company in America, Hong Kong and China. With a strong business model that's focused on their success and customers, AAG is poised to have increased success and continuing increase in the forthcoming years. To figure out how your company can reap the benefits of advisory services and the exceptional consulting our team brings to every association, contact us. Website: www.aufarin.com