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Maternity Photography

Motherhood is no less than a blessing and it is actually a celebration of being woman.  The time of maternity is joyful for would be mother and the family members as well.  Have you thought what if you capture those special moments forever? Will not be a blissful experience to look at those pictures in future with your full grown child with you? We, at Discovery 360 provide the services of Maternity Photography, where we ensure to make the most memorable moments of your life more special. We have special team to this photography who takes care of all the safety measures to capture the pictures of would be mother. You can get in touch us today to get affordable and efficient services and we will ensure to provide the best outcome of your money spent.

  • 120 Minutes Unlimited Shots

  • Husbands Have The Option to Join In

Maternity Photography

$2502 Hours
  • Female Photographer
  • Private Room for Change of Clothes
  • Makeup and Hair-styling $50+

Our Photographers

Photographer Singapore

JoehaniProfessional Photographer
His talent is constantly in telling visual narratives, which came in handy when shooting at weddings in natural and candid fashion. After living 10 years of recording marriages, he has a great concept of what makes a good wedding photo.


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Michael RingorProfessional Photographer
His talent and flexibility comes in handy when shooting at weddings in natural and candid fashion.

Being main photographer in many events, his portfolio consist of visually compelling images. Being in photography profession for more than 4 years, his greatest delight is producing attractive visuals at industry standard.


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Treasure your pregnancy days by opting for Pregnancy Photography

The joy of bearing a child in the womb is blissful. The very thought that you will be carrying a tiny life is absolutely divine and joyous. Only a mother can explain that feeling. This is the time when along with the would-be-mother the entire family rejoices with happiness. Many people these days opt for professional Pregnancy Photography services to capture these priceless moments forever.

Now here’s why you must opt for professionals for Maternity Photography Singapore:

One may wonder why opt for professional Maternity Photography Singapore. There will be many who may feel that it is better to capture the private moments on your own. But if you think practically then you will realise that you will not have the same finesse that a professional photographer will have. These Pregnancy Photography professionals will make sure they make no mistakes while capturing the best photographs of the would-be mother with her family members. These photographs need to be the best because you will share these with your grown up child. Imagine the kind of happiness that you as a mother will experience when you show these pictures to your grown up child.

The precautions that you need to take while selecting a professional photographer:

One of the most important things that needs to be kept in mind while opting for Pregnancy Photography is that proper safety measures are taken while taking the pictures of the would be mother. Also not all mothers would be comfortable posing in front of a male photographer. It is therefore better that you opt for Maternity Photography Singapore that has female photographers who have expertise in pregnancy photography.

Hire professional service providers to get the best pictures:

There are a number of things that would be mother must consider while opting for services for Maternity Photography Singapore. The safety measures have to be taken properly by the company. Also, they must ensure that they provide separate changing room for the mother. Since the would be mother would like to look her best in the pictures it will be better to select a photography company which provides hair styling and make up services.

When you decide to hire good pregnancy photography in Singapore then first check out with people who have hired such services and get their feedback. You can also search for these service providers on the internet and in advertisements. Opt for a pregnancy photography service provider who will capture the best photographs in the most professional way. Before you finalise the company do not forget to compare the packages. There are some very good photography companies which provide the best services at reasonable rates. You must go through the previous work of the photographers just to make sure that they are the best in the business.

Pregnancy is one of the happiest occasions in the life of a woman. Make sure that you take pictures of these wonderful moments so that you can see them again and again and relive those wonderful moments again in the future.

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