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Logo Designing by Discover 360

Logos are identity of your organization. Many well renowned brands need no description and merely their logos are enough to speak for them. Not to mention, these graphical elements speak louder than the words for your company and every small to large sized firm must essentially get a brand identity in the form of a logo. Before your business does, the professional logos designed by Discovery360 speak for them. And this can be attributed to the fact that we have numerous clients in numerous countries round the world.

We are a pro at crafting impressive and effective logo designs, using the latest technologies and thus enabling you to become the owner of a prospectus business.

Whether you require a corporate logo design or business logos, we will create it simple, appealing and eye catchy. We do not start designing right the moment you contact us but devote a thoughtful time and fair understanding of the requirements from our clients and your line of business, both.

Our Logo Services


Why limit your reach and thoughts to usual logo designs. We empower our clients by providing them with various options and types of logo designs and packages.

Symbols or Icon

Depicts and Showcases your company as simple yet bold. These logos are usually opted by large corporate and businesses and justifies their presence

Word Mark

The stylish calligraphy form of logos that spell out the company or the brand name in all new manners.

Letter Mark

The typographical logo designs that represent the initial of your company name and if you love to keep it minimal and subtle, this one is the right pick.

Combination Mark

A combination of a symbol, icon or a word mark.


When you want your company name to be embedded within the design or some unique innovative graphical element.

Design Speak Louder

These form of designs speak louder than the entire company name and are best if your company has long name or is very hard to be pronounced, read and thus distracting from design.

Request a quote with us and avail logo designing and other web design services from Discovery 360.

Explore the new world of designing with endless possibilities with us.

So many choices to choose from! Do not get confused and consult our experts. They can help you with the best choices and choose something classy, professional and sophisticated that lays a perfect and long lasting impression on the customers via small image.

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