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Graduation Photography Singapore

There are some of the special moments in our lives which we never want to forget and graduation day is one of such days which all of us want to remember forever and this is the reason why we, at Discovery 360 provide the special photography for the graduation ceremony. We have all the systems in place and some of the best professionals who can ensure to make the special day of graduation more special for you.

So, while you fly your graduation cap in the air, we will be there to capture that most memorable event of your life. By providing us the pleasure to be with you to capture this best moment of your life, you can ensure that you remember this most cherishable event of your life forever. You can get in touch with us today to get yourself photographed.

  • Unlimited Pax (individual or with friends)
  • 120 Minutes Unlimited Shots
  • All images inclusive in High-Resolution

Graduation Photography

$2002 Hours
  • Formal and Candid Available
  • Friends and Groups are Welcome
  • Makeup and Hair-styling $50+

Our Photographers

Photographer Singapore

JoehaniProfessional Photographer
His talent is constantly in telling visual narratives, which came in handy when shooting at weddings in natural and candid fashion. After living 10 years of recording marriages, he has a great concept of what makes a good wedding photo.


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Michael RingorProfessional Photographer
His talent and flexibility comes in handy when shooting at weddings in natural and candid fashion.

Being main photographer in many events, his portfolio consist of visually compelling images. Being in photography profession for more than 4 years, his greatest delight is producing attractive visuals at industry standard.


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Capture your graduation day with Graduation Photography Singapore

One of the important milestones in your student life is your graduation day. It is the day when you make your parents proud. It is a day of one of the greatest achievements in your career. These moments surely need to be treasured for your entire life. You should therefore, make sure that you opt for Graduation Photography Singapore and capture these priceless moments for life.

The event which means a lot to your entire family:

The joy that you experience when you get the degree in your hand and you toss your cap in the air is simply wonderful. It is also the time when your family dances with joy and has tears of joy in their eyes. These moments need to be with you for your entire life. This is possible only if you select Family Photography Singapore and capture these moments in the camera. Imagine the joy that you will experience when you watch these pictures with your family later in your life. These moments come only once in your life and you should treasure these moments at any cost. So you must opt for the best photographer in Singapore and make sure that you capture these moments.

Opt for the best service provider in town:

Remember that the graduation day is not going to come again in your life. So it is important that you hire the best services for Graduation Photography Singapore. You must make sure that the photographer has good experience in clicking the graduation photographs. You should ideally opt for one who will give you the package which has a number of clicks. Also ensure that the photographer whom you hire has the best equipments and a good experience in taking photographs in any location whether outdoor or indoor.

Here is what you must look for in your photographer:

One of the easiest ways to get the best Family Photography Singapore is by selecting one who has a wide experience. You must make sure that you check the earlier work that he has done which will give you a fair idea about the type of work that he does. He must provide quality work and must be reliable. It is also important that he gives you a reasonable package. He must provide value for the money that you are paying for his work.

Check the advertisements and check the internet for the best Graduation Photography Singapore. There are a number of good companies in Singapore. But make sure that you select only the one which is better than the best. This is because you are hiring the person for an event like graduation day. This is an important event for you and your family. This is the day when you are going to click photographs with your family and with your best buddies. These photographs are the memories that you will have in the future and hence they need to be the best. This is possible only by selecting the best photographer.

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