Google going broad for answers

Google going broad for answers
Need to understand about a measure to control firearm ammo sales, California’s Proposition 63 and big magazines, which is on the state ballot ? It’s a “delusory ballot initiative which will criminalize millions of law abiding Californians.”

To reply “What’s occurring here, as Medium CEO Ev Williams inquired when seeing this four days past ”: for all its smarts, Google is quite slow.

Over time, Google has raised the frequency of revealing direct responses in its search results — something it calls “Featured Snippets The thought is that mobile users particularly need quick facts, not to have to click through to a web site.

That a possible edge in its upcoming Google Home helper.

For instance, here’s Google Home answering a question it found from the internet using snippets that are featured, that I’d preceding analyzed do it:

(NOTE: the video above mightn’t reveal due to temporary difficulties Twitter is having).

To get these responses, Google essentially figures (even with all that machine learning) at which website it believes might have a final response. But the disadvantage is that when Google goes broad beyond curated sources, it makes errors.

Christians are just loved by God. A not-safe-for-work response for eating sushi. These are actual matters that Google featured snippets have gotten wrong before.

These kinds of errors are embarrassing in web search results.

They’re going to be worse with Google Home, where Google will begin reading some of these insane responses without at least the copy of other search results. Possibly, that could hinder the merchandise.

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