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Welcome to Discovery 360, a pioneer and comprehensive digital services provider in Singapore. We provide a plethora of digital marketing, development, branding and a lot more solutions to small and large businesses in Singapore. Our Google Display Network services are one of the most top notched services in the town. Learn more about our GDN services here:


Why is Google Display Network Services Important for me?

The GDN or Google Display network services by Discovery 360 are an excellent tool if you seek branding your business and create a strong reputation via image and video advertisements. Google Display Network allows developing advertisements that flash your company’s logo and name.


How can GDN services help thrive your business?

Google Display Networks is already a fad amongst the online businesses and has helped many online portals to drive regular visitors to their websites. If you are using Google Display Network services then your advertisement will start appearing on those web pages that have similar content to those of your advertisements. This practice has improved the conversion rate as just the relevant content is displayed to the visitors and obviously to the targeted customers that are looking for the same product or services.


What are the advantages of Google Display Network (GDN)?

Discovery 360 Google Display Network Services can help you to get:
Faster Results: Get your website ranked and paces on the top of Google search results within a day or two. We will make your advertisements in such a way that they comply with Google Terms and Conditions. This means you will get connected to your potential customer’s immediately and that your website will be up on the same day itself.

Branding: This is a good platform to brand market your business. Unlike the usual text based advertisement, you are posing your images and videos along with logo to your customers. Researchers have proved that customers are more lewd towards images and video advertisement as compared to text based standard ads.

Exposure: You only get charged when some visitors are redirected to your website. In case, the visitor has seen your advertisement but does not click to it, you need to pay nothing in return.

Cost effective: The GDN allows you to set your own marketing budget and choose maximum cost per click so that you know how much you have to pay for each incoming visitor. Once you have reached the threshold limit of your budget, your advertisement will stop showing up and resume next day automatically.


Points to take note on Google Display Network (GDN) services by Discovery 360

Your advertisements will be shown only to those that have relevant content to that of your advertisement. The process is also within your marketing budget.


Our service

At Discovery360, our experienced team is a pro at managing various advertisement campaigns on GDN. Our team will customize the campaigns taking into account your business aspirations, budget, and ensure the best results.

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