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Google Certification Course


Everything you need to know and pass the Google AdWords Certification and Exams

Google, from its establishment in 1998, has managed to gain immense popularity. It had started its Adwords certifications in the year 2004 and since then, people have not been able to know much about the Adwords. Why is Google Adwords a king? Here are some reasons:

  • It helps to attract more customers
  • Helps in reaching the right people at right time
  • Lets you advertise yourself globally and locally

While many people are still spending a lot of time to gain certain advertising skills, getting certified from the Google itself? What is the aim of Google Adwords Certification exam? Here is a brief:

  • Online Advertising’s value proposition
  • Setup and management of campaign
  • Measurement
  • Optimization


What Is Google AdWords Certification exam?


To get certified, you need to take two exams. The Google AdWords Course teaches the fundamentals of advertisements that include:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising


Why Get Google AdWords Certified?


It does not matters if you are a newbie in the Google Adwords world or have been into it for years, getting a certification has not been made mandatory. However, studying Google Analytics course and Google Analytics Platform Principles comes with plenty of benefits. Some of them include:

Improved PPC Account Performance:

One of the main features of Adwords Online Training site is improving account performance. Advertisers and business owners can gain immense knowledge and extraordinary results via Adwords.

Helps to learn new features that you might not be aware of right now
You might have been doing adwords, analytics, Ecommerce Analytics, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals and others for years but there are certain features that many of us are still unaware of or don’t know how to use them. Taking Adwords certification exam means covering these things and learn more to get proficient. To pass the exams, you must understand everything related to Adwords and ace the subject like a pro!


Employers and Clients Look For This

If you are one of those who render or offer PPC account management services then Adwords Professional Certification must be your priority. The perception of your clients will change when they will get to know about the certification and they will assume you to be truly professional.

In case, you are an in house digital marketer then too, this course will help you a lot. Your resume will speak for you and you can outshine others through your skills and competency.


How To Prepare For AdWords Certification Exams?

Since adwords program has stringent marking pattern and limited time, you need to solve the exam strategically. That said, it does not asks you to be sleep deprived and become a bookworm but yes, getting professional education means a lot. If you have got proper classes and learnt through approved center then it will not be an issue to solve the question paper and pass with scored above 80.

Some of the exam resources you can rely on are:

Training Institutes:

There are several training institutes that cover each and everything regarding the adwords and analytics including Google AdWords Course, teaches AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Google Analytics course, teaches Digital Analytics Fundamentals, Google Analytics Platform Principles, Ecommerce Analytics, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals etc. It is not a challenge to find such centers but definitely helps you to get quality education.

Google Exam Study Guides:

Another easy way is to learn through study guides for each exam. Google helps you with best resources but you need to devote time and do extensive research which is not possible in all cases.

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