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Funerals honour and celebrate a life and deserve to be chronicled. To a family, a funeral is a time for an extended family to assemble together. To buddies, a funeral is a time to reminisce about a buddy who enriched those she or he understood. To co-workers, a funeral is a time to recognize the man who helped them within their career. Funerals are too significant not be photographed.

While over the time, you might forger some details and the meaning behind a picture, a video will be a reminder of the love you showed at that time. A funeral is the last opportunity we must show the world what they stood for in their life, and who our loved one was. Everything takes meaning. The selection of blooms, the hymns sung, the individuals who talk and even the location of both the service and the interment at a graveyard or scattering of ashes.

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5 Reasons why you should have a funeral photographer and videographer.

It is not a wedding then why should one think of clicking photos and videos at funeral. Many might wonder and assume it to be disgusting but let’s look at it in another way. There is nothing to be ashamed about taking videos or images at a funereal. Just like it is perfectly OK to cry that day to express feelings, clicking photographs helps to capture those moments and emotions in a stand still pose. In fact, funeral photography can help you heal. How? Take a look:

1. it’s a visual record of who attended

While you are absorbed in sorrow and grieving, it becomes almost impossible to note down who all have attended the funeral ceremony and turned up to pay respect. Some might be there to show their love for deceased one, however, other might be there to support you. Getting Funeral Photography Singapore is an excellent way to physically record their presence and let them know how much you appreciate their presence.

2. Photography captures the emotion of the moment

Every single emotion is beautiful whether smile or grief and one can understand that to grieve is to express love. Therefore, a funeral is termed as outpouring of love. It is beautiful to be able to see the impact of the death on loved ones and people around. And Funeral Videography Singapore will be a great reminder of that we all are humans and it is suffering that unites us all.

3. A visual record of how you honor your loved one

Since a funeral is the last chance to show the relatives and the world, the true value of our loved one and what meaning they held in our life, everything takes significance. The people who speak or hymn songs, location, choice of flowers or your choice of Funeral Video Services is a reflection of your personality. While over the time, you might forger some details and the significance behind everything, a video or photograph will be a reminder of all the love and care you showed at that time.

A funeral is the last chance we have to show the world who our loved one was, and what they stood for in their life. Everything takes significance. The people who speak, the hymns sung, the choice of flowers and even the location of both the service and the interment at a cemetery or scattering of ashes.

4. In wake of Celebrated Life

After the funeral, it is quite common tradition that families and close friends sit together for refreshment and it is the right time when they will wipe their tears, share stories, nod heads, smile hesitantly and the flow of stories be recorded. It is the only moment when the extended family gets together other than the wedding occasion. At such moments, photographs can capture the love and tenderness, care and support of those who are left behind.

5. It serves as a record, providing healing for those left behind.

When you lose someone beloved, you might not be willing and ready to look at the photos for a long time but eventually you will start loving them. Photography documents the entire occasion of sorrow, grief, love and presents a memento of importance of the deceased in their life. Funeral photographs do not try to capture a group of people posing like that of wedding or parties. The entire objective is to capture natural emotion and the family must be unaware that someone is capturing their image. Else, it might get another way for many of the attendants.

Funeral Photo Book

A Funeral Photo Book can be made for an extra $50 each.

The publication includes pictures from the day and more. Families generally contain tributes and eulogies. Tunes and poems may also be contained.

Families frequently order copies of the publication for family and friends.

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    High color and quality photos

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    Custom letters and messages

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