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Discovery360 eCommerce website


E commerce website design

One of the latest eCommerce design trend is minimal designs with exceptional navigation and endless scroll. The focus is laid on small elements and designs like images, fonts, background patterns etc. These elements are known to enhance the spirit and brand identity. Most of the websites are focussed to adopt unconventional designs that have impact visuals.


Features of eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce designs by Dicovery 36 are crafted to empower the merchants and business owners in order to innovate and deliver rich quality content and experience to their customers, irrespective of the devices, channels and media. We create platforms that incorporate functionality and can cater to complex commerce operation and increased customer demands.


Mobile friendly

We take special care of device compatibility and platform independence so that your website looks good on desktop as well as mobile phones. We also specialize in transforming your mobile website design to mobile app using our services.


Ship it wherever you like

Choose your preferred settings and area to ship your products then you can tell us and we can provide and configure the settings accordingly.

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Payment Gateways Covered

You need not to worry about the payment and quick transaction processes as we cover it as well.
We have tie ups with PayPal which efficiently accepts credit cards and transactions via Paypal account payments Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit card payment with Simplify Commerce (available for US only) which supports Hosted Payments (a PCI Compliant hosted payment platform) for accepting payments. With payment gateways, you don’t even need a physical device for accepting payment.
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You can now easily integrate a wide array of functionalities and build your database for marketing or promotional campaigns
In order to ensure the top quality security and work adherence, our work is audited by industry leading platform providers and we also comply with industry approved coding standards keeping you up to date and secure.
We take special care of device compatibility and platform independence so that your website looks good on desktop as well as mobile phones. We also specialize in transforming your mobile website design to mobile app using our services.
Scale your website as your business grows. You can start with one to two categories and take to thousands and even more. We help you to ride the wave of growth with highly flexible and scalable we designs.
Taxes are often overlooked or fall under the last considered lists when setting up an online shop but often the customers are keen to know it. Control and manage your tax classes for each shipping with our design.
We can create platform where tax will automatically be calculated based on the billing or shipping address.
Manage your physical products with the intuitive day to day inventory management that come with Dicovery360.

Flexible Shipping Options

Integrate the various shipping options like:

  • Calculate Shipping Per Product
  • Shipping Rate Based On Weight Or Country
  • USPS Shipping
  • UPS Shipping
  • Fedex Shipping, etc.

Customers can choose to ship across multiple addresses or shipping based on their account level.

Integration with Blogs

Great brands become greater if they have rich content for publishing via blogs. We pride ourselves as experts that seamlessly integrate the ecommerce website with popular blogging platform. Get seamless blogging experience.

So, why us?

Get the confidence of being served with the best in terms of quality, creativity, prices and timeline when you hire us! We are distinct from regular services and this is what makes us one of the top outsourcing firms in terms of ecommerce designing services in Singapore. Some of the advantages of hiring us include:

  • A pool of talented eCommerce designers that are well versed with the latest technologies
  • We use latest software and tools to make impactful and highly functional websites.
  • Cost effective services making eCommerces affordable
  • A wide range of services under one roof making us all inclusive name for all sorts of web needs

Hire our expert team of Designers, engineers and developers and leverage the benefits of quality services at reasonable prices. It is the right time to choose competitive eCommerce design solutions to establish and rebuild your image and brand. Act wisely and consult us.