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DDoS Protection by Discovery 360


DDoS protection by Discovery 360 is capable of mitigating all sorts of DDoS attacks targeted at any type of online services. Denial of Services attacks are augmenting now days and have evolved to become a complex and devastating security challenge for small and large organizations. Though DoS attacks are not a new phenomenon yet the resources and methods to conduct such challenges have evolved over whelming and the recent developments have defied all the traditional solutions, demanding the need for smarter and more efficient DDoS Protection services.

Discovery 360 advanced DDoS Protection services are a comprehensive over the edge server that match up the sophistication and scale out the effect of such threats. Our advanced services can be used to mitigate such harmful attacks of all sizes and forms no matter whether they are targeted to Layer 7 attacks, ICMP protocols and others. Blending robust network traffic inspection solutions, Discovery 360 provides comprehensive protections against all networks; applications and protocols based DDoS attacks.


Discovery 360 DDoS Protection services


  • On demand and Standard Always On Services
  • Powerful Network of Data Centres scattered Gloabally
  • Application and Network layer Protection
  • Blanket DDoS Protection services for several protocols
  • Quick uptime and 24/7 security team


Comprehensive DDoS Protection by Discovery 360

Our protection services are viable against all types of DDoS threats and attacks including the network based attacks, application layer attacks, transfer protocol attacks that attempt to degrade server resources. We support the latest technologies and tools to leverage the defend methodologies, automatic detection, mitigating advanced DDoS threats that have the capability to exploit your applications, Web server vulnerabilities, large botnets, hit and run DDos events and more.


High-Capacity Network

As the size of DDos attacks network continues to grow, we understand the requirement and need for robust network capacity that can alleviate any hazard coming their way. We provide and ensure high capacity protections to all your applications and networks.


Automatic Detection and Activation

We bequeath automated always On DDoS Protection services that are well versed to handle “Hit and Run” events, short bursts of traffic, and other outburst attacks that can create havoc on your protection and otherwise would have needed manual activation. Our automatic detection module takes full responsibility for mitigation as well as detection for such attacks.


Real-Time Control and Visibility

The real time view and control supports the precise and accurate visibility into Layer 7 traffic. You can monitor the Layer 7 attacks in real time, easily assess the malicious traffic flows and adjust security measures. This accessible and action oriented security measure also benefits accurate feedback on each scenario and keeps away from unwanted threats.

Get end to end state of the art protection and all inclusive services for your business and network with us and feel secure with each transaction.

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