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Daily Task Bots by Discovery 360

Anything you do online can be automated and this statement has taken the entire world by storm. You can collect information, analyze data, sync online accounts, download or upload data, finish uniform tasks, and other browser related tasks that do not require much human intervention. Our daily tasks bots are:



You need not a lot of technical expertise to use and conduct them. You can effortlessly use them with little or no professional programming assistance.



Our bots are highly intelligent and can automate your task, operate from your desktop and simulate real people to register web activities.


Features of Daily Task Bots by Discovery 360

While our introduction and name is enough to ensure you of meeting your expectations, our simple operating methods along with highly versatile operating efficiencies have made us a top notched name for daily task bots creation. Some of the highlights of our services include:

  • Manipulate Data: We implement user friendly tables, variables and lists that can be used to process data perfectly
  • Search and Save it: Search any type of content on the web and save it hassle free
  • Captcha Solving: Remotely or manually solve the captchas to other websites or third party applications
  • Record And Save: Record your activities and convert it into scripts that is updatable and editable
  • Fill in the forms, correctly and automatically: Web based form filling automatically using random or pre defined data
  • Smart Application: Using if then for smart applications
  • Use single thread and run your commands over it
  • Emailing: Click on links of email bodies, sends or receives emails
  • Create instant random messages and content with spin APIs
  • Easy to understand English or other languages as per your preferences
  • Out of the box pre set daily task bots
  • Set your time to run commands


Looking for the BEST and CHEAPEST gaming Bots?

Of course, our paid bots are of high quality and sustainable in the online work, be confident of getting the most inexpensive and highly reliable solutions when you come to Discovery360. Doesn’t matters if you are looking for quality or simply looking for bots at cheap prices, we ensure that you search end with us and we are the right services to choose. Enjoy the seamless power of automation and win the world with little efforts. Consult us today and leverage of the benefits of world class services by Discovery 360.

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