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Discovery 360

We are more than just creative media. As a premier website design company, Discovery360 develops innovative designs, enhancing your website development. Furthermore, with our special expertise in online marketing, we help set up your website for unprecedented success. We get you inspiration. We get you growth. We get you noticed. Our affordable services – built with W3C web standards, are sleek, user-friendly and attractive.

Though our web development are affordable, we do not compromise on our high standards for speed, file size allocations, and accessibility. Learn more about our graphic designs for well-known companies in Singapore, or get in touch with us to talk about how we can work with you to create a beautiful standard-compliant web presence, that is easy to navigate, ensures successful online marketing, and eats your competitors’ websites for lunch.

What have we learn here?

A corporate website is an informative and instructive website that is operated by companies, businesses, organizations or any other private enterprise that may include non profit or charity foundations.

A corporate website is all about conveying the information in a concise, direct and usable manner with the primary aim to showcase the company profile. These websites provide the crucial information about the foundation, services they provide, goals, and contact information. The website captures the sheer feel of the company, its identity, purpose, but remains strictly professional to attain the lasting impression on the customers.

Thus, a corporate site varies greatly with electronic commerce portals or any other general website. They are not focused to transact business or provide any other online service but an art of portraying the purpose of corporate. Regardless of the layouts, graphics, color schemes and theme are essentially used to work on how customers perceive your company when they visit your website. For instance, dark colored designs are used to interpret seriousness while blue gives a trust symbol. Colors are associated with particular traits and are used effectively to depict professionalism.

Nearly every established company interacts with their customers through their website and thus, it becomes crucial to integrate features. In fact, large companies maintain an umbrella corporate site for their various brands and subsidiaries.

We as a designer understand the user’s experience and strive to have a large impact they way they interact with the customers. Trends in website designing have made their way to corporate web. One of the main facts that is evident above all is that though most of the Corporate have plenty of money, yet they are often lost and have to compromise with sterile and boring MS Word- oriented designs that are stable and minimal appealing.

Here is a glimpse of some of the most interesting and appealing corporate websites that exhibit solidarity and are visually arresting. Take a moment to visit and interact with them to understand the concept of Corporate Websites:

Creating wonderful looking corporate websites might seem to be challenging but enjoyable for us. We have sought the various versions from popular International websites. Most of the MNCs present large variance in their sister websites but it is unfortunate to know that many big companies don’t even have a website of their own and even if they have, they are non-working ones.

We are not discriminating any website by the industry or field here. Rather we are keen to showcase the websites that utilize interesting techniques. We understand that innovative and fresh ideas stand out of the box on the web, irrespective of the industry they belong and have realized that making website just for fun and developing websites for corporate are poles apart. When one develops it for fun, they are free hand but when it comes to corporate, the design has to follow certain guidelines and protocols. If not followed, the website might more be like a burden for your business rather than being an asset.

Beautiful Corporate Websites


McDonald’s simplifies and softens the navigation, opening the entire screen up just like a canvas for different products, using the monochromatic harmonious colors that complement their food.



Sony’s Canada website is a classy example which has the theme and navigation just like the American counterpart but the working experience is all different. There are short films of people sharing their experience, how Sony has enriched their lives and a floating meter that helps to sort stories in various categories and giving the user full control over the content. Brilliant execution.



Subtle minimal colors and detailed hierarchy of elements, the strength of Starbucks lies in the details. The navigation too is focused to hierarchy that is often not found on usual corporate websites. This might be one of the welcoming trends in website designs of 2016.


Genting Singapore

The firm and its subsidiaries have been a leading bench-market in the gaming and resort development in countries like in Australia, the Bahamas, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The company has been awarded flagshipp and their services speak for their quality, just like the corporate website. Navigation that is simple and colors that are bright- complement each other ensuring to attract the right eye balls and attention.


Design Archcrylic

A company in Singapore that showcases their work in architecture and interior design.


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