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The Next generation CDN- with Discovery 360


Discovery 360 has built the next generation Content Distribution Network, aka Content Delivery Network over a large geographically distributed area of network that constitutes specialized servers. Our servers ensure delivery of content and rich media to various Internet connected devices at accelerated speed. We employ innovative techniques to speed up the delivery of web content to the end users so that their requests need not to be served by some far off origin servers but nearby nodes, and thus amplified speed.


Benefits of CDN services by Discovery 360


Our Content Distribution Network services are beneficial for people from different walks of life. How it can help you, know with us.

  • If you are a user: Our CDN services for users of websites and web applications helps to lad pages faster and hassle free.
  • If you are a content owner: For the application and content owners for e commerce sites, cloud computing companies, media properties, and others, our content distribution network services help to improve the end user experience, lowers the abandonment rates, increases ad impressions, strengthen customer loyalty and improved conversion rates. Our CDN services also secure your web content from possible service attacks.
  • If you are a Network Service Provider: Witnessing the explosive growth of online rich media and streaming services as well as the rising web performance expectations of users, and availability of multiple devices, Network Service Providers are finding it necessary to deploy CDN of their own. Deploy the CDN services by Discovery 360 and reduce the cost, get value added services, and many other benefits at highly affordable prices.


Why Hire Us?


  • Instant Purge
  • Enable your SSL and see it deployed in real time.
  • Make your new origin deployments seen immediately.
  • Instant Provisioning
  • One click activation to improve performance.
  • When you make changes we will provision them automatically.
  • Instant SSL
  • Instant SPDY
  • Real-Time Reporting: Our exclusive Real time reporting and analytics engine give you meaningful data that helps you make sound decisions
  • Total Automation: Get complete automation for each and every aspect of your CDN workflow.
  • Over the Edge support: Get beneficial and competitive services from expert team and customer support right besides you!

We are a pioneer name in Web development, services and marketing services and leave no stone unturned to make our customers happy and satisfied. We have served a multitude of small and large scale businesses and helped them grow and prosper with our qualitative and timely services in various domains. Our first priority are our customers and this is what has made us garner a large customer base in a short time span. If quality services are your demand and budget friendly is your only option, then we assure your search ends with us. Consult us today and get a quote.

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