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In this digital age, it is hard to find someone who has not heard or utilized the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Chances are high that if you have an online business website, then you must have probably received and used various SEO techniques and types of services to optimize your page and generate online traffic. A freshly made website or websites that have been into existence and using SEO for long but unable to garner traffic in right amount often become hopeless of making any benefit and revenues in the future as well. No matter how informative you get on search engines and how focussed and trendy keywords you use, your website ranks do not justify your business sometimes. No matter what, optimizing your website is important to get it indexed by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Though White Hat SEO is a well renowned strategy to gain reputation and crowd from the market, it takes about months to a year to get you ranked into top sites. Competition is increasing in online businesses and it is hard to survive for months if you are unable to make it up to the mark. For such times, we have a better option to reach the business goals, which is called Black Hat SEO.

Smart Hat SEO


However we are not here to teach you unethical traditional Black Hat SEO methods that will get you ban or blacklisted. Traditional methods do not work anymore and it causes inconvenience to other internet uses by sending out spammy links of meaningless and repeated materials.

The techniques we are teaching can be classified into a term called Grey Hat Techniques. I sends out positive social signals by automation and utilises the power of the computer. This doesn’t mean that you do not need to work hard to get the ranking that you want. But these techniques makes your white hat techniques much easier. We will also work on some legal exploits that Top SEO companies wants to keep it hidden from the general public which you can use as your advantage.



Smart Hat SEO Courses (Grey Hat, Black Hat)

Our Center is located just next to Tiong Bahru MRT station, central of Singapore, which is convenient for anyone.
For Grey hat – Black Hat SEO, courses are strictly one to one. Classes are available in Weekends and on weekdays nightly.
It’s a 2 day course, 3 hours per day.



Smart Hat SEO Course Schedule (Grey Hat SEO , Black Hat SEO )

Strictly no trials are available as we will start to go straight into the tools and knowledge that you need to be successful in your Google and Search Engine Rankings. No unnecessary filler course material to drag out course timing. Once the course finish before our 6 hours period, you are free to go, no time wasted. You are welcome to hang around longer if you have questions. In addition, SMS and 1 to 1, support available 1 year after the course. Please free to let me help you address any uncertainties that you might have.

Course Outline

Some information are kept private to remain competitive and to make sure that the secret techniques that you learn are usable in today’s context.



Course Summary

Some of you might have taken the basic SEO courses but you are still quite unsure about what you are doing. This is the course for you! As I am here to answer those questions and give you continuous support for the next following year. I will also be going through one on one, hands on, to make sure you are at the right path and you have the basic knowledge of what SEO and White Hat Techniques are all about. After ensuring that you have the right foundation, we will be touching on the retro Black Hat techniques and why we should avoid using them. I will then introduce you to our new Grey Hat techniques that are safe and programmable so that you are utilizing the power of the modern computer world to your advantage.

  • Personal 1 on 1 review of your current website to make sure that you are doing your white hat techniques correctly.
  • Setting up your spare laptop for 24 hours SEO runs
  • Introduction to black and gray hat techniques
  • Hands on in black and gray hat techniques

Smart Hat SEO Advance (Grey Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO)

For those who completed Basic 6 hours course.
And is in serious help to get your content up. Desperately.


Daily Course, Flexible Timing

Please note that you do not need this course to be successful in ranking your website. The purpose of this advance course are for those who urgently seeking to get their website up in any Search Engine Sites and they do not have the luxury of time. This also means that there will be sacrifices and it does not come cheap. You are paying me for the knowledge and I will teach you the most economical way to beat your competitors. Expect at least $500 out of your pocket to secure each keyword.

  • Utilise the Deep Web at your advantage
  • Custom coded software used by SEO experts
  • Remaining materials are classified

Grey Hat, Black Hat SEO Services

We will only accept 1 Client under our care for each industry/keyword. Please inquire.


Grey Hat, Black Hat SEO Monthly Service

We take pride in our work and we can’t have any conflicting interest to any existing client. Therefore for any keyword or industry that we are doing, we can only accept 1 client. We pledge full allegiance to our individual clients and this is to ensure that they can put their trust in us.

  • Monthly SEO service
  • 24 hours hotline

Black Hat SEO Singapore


Black Hat SEO offers quick and efficient results that ensure that your business website can get remarkable ranking, that too in no time. Black Hat SEO refers to the practices that somehow violate rules and regulations of the search engines and thus deceive them but not harm someone. Acquiring high ranks at the start of business is crucial to transform it into a brand, no matter if you follow unscrupulous methods. Some of the techniques that are used to acquire and implement Black Hat SEO include Spamming, Keyword stuffing, Hidden or Invisible text or others. Which are no longer applicable today and these methods will get you ban.

Over here, we teach you the latest Google friendly grey hat techniques which simplifies your SEO efforts to the minimum and still get the results you want like a pro!

Join hands with us and get the most proficient grey hat – black hat SEO practices that are not easy to be tracked and harm your reputation. We adopt proven practices to ensure that you don’t lose your visitors or trust factor or get caught by the search engines and penalized. Get guaranteed and certified results and enjoy top ranks in no time with us. Our quality services have been leveraged by big brands till not then why not you be the next!

Come to us and explore endless services in digital marketing domain.

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