Video Filming Services by Discovery360

360 Video offers comprehensive video filming packages to suit all sorts of budgets. Our expert video filming team endeavours to combine the creativity with expertise to record and capture the details and the essence of the special day, event, occasion, festival and mood you had likes to acquire with us.

Our solo aim is to provide our clients with long lasting series of moments and images that have the potential to evoke wonderful memories of the moments you have lived earlier. Our videos are made perfectly that will sustain for years to come. We pride ourselves as a team of expert video makers and directors that have the reputation of putting up everything and document the core of your thoughts. We work hard so that our clients can have a properly produced high quality film that you will feel proud while showcasing and enjoy watching it again and again.

Filming Services:

Discovery 360 Video Filming is proud to offer a comprehensive and competitive end to end video recording and development services. We equip ourselves with the latest equipments and tools to enable a hassle free production. We shoot the moments with HDV cameras that can deliver finished products with excellent quality for an HD picture right from start to finish. Once we have edited your video footage, we will show it to you and if you want further assistance with hosting services or any other digital services, we are one shop stop for you.

Event Filming:

We are prone to record anything and everything in the form of usable and sharable videos. A great looking video of an event or occasion that is sharable increases the chances of getting fame and recognition in the online world and can make you a brand as well. Filming services offered by Discovery 360 which can be kept on records on any Web media, Blu-Ray or DVD. Using wireless microphones and professional equipments, we ensure that what we have promised is delivered at your end word to word. You can also enjoy our line of services that enables you to get viewed, marketed and gain recognition on the World Wide Web.

Production Filming:

Our production services help creating videos that tell story, provide educational or informative content, help you sell products, or transform your ideas or concepts into live sharable video. Make your impact last longer with a video. We can state numerous why you should start with us. Some of them may include:

  • Experienced team: Our expert photographers teas captures the best and most candid moments of your life, effortlessly!
  • Highly technical equipments: We make use of high quality DSLR cameras and other equipments that ensure top quality deliverables.
  • Wide range of services: We offer our clients a wide range of services at affordable packages which are prompt to serve you.

Hire us to explore a new world of perfection and quality services.